Chronicles of Foress
- Illustration


This is a scene from the first book in my Chronicles of Foress, the Woodwin and Beckly series. I have about a dozen tales of these unusual creatures and their world, and one day they will be published as small books for younger children. ’Til then I keep honing the tales and redrawing the scenes ’til I am completely happy with it. Here Woodwin the Wooden Mole and Beckly the Alabaster Weasel meet Paladere the Witch to ask for her help. Instead of the usual black clothes and cobwebby homes most witches live in, I decided Paladere was into cutesy country, a far more evil look than spiders and toads for sure!

And since it is my world I decided the most evil herb would be Coriander. The herb so nasty they named it twice. It's also called Cilantro!