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During the past ten years he has travelled extensively throughout the U.S. visiting schools, speaking to students, helping them deal with diversity issues using his cartoons and humorous stories.

He presently lives in a green antique Victorian home that is reached by a winding yellow brick road in Wilton New Hampshire. He and his wife Linda have art studios on the first floor, where they teach private art lessons, help students create  portfolios needed to apply to art schools, and do their own art work and writing.

He is also a frequent guest speaker at the New Boston School, Brookline Elementary School, and in Derry NH. Several years ago he started painting
cartoon murals in local schools, his more recent ones are in the Milford  elementary school on Elm Street and the Derry Village School.

December 2007 saw the publication of his latest children novel The Astonishing Tale of the Gump of Oz. This full length children’s novel has almost 90 pen and ink illustrations and is receiving great accolades from members of the International Wizard of Oz Fan Club.

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