The Foolish Ants Written & Illustrated by Dennis Anfuso



The Foolish Ants


This was something he could not bear! He quickly wrote a reply.
The next day Bradley read Artemus' letter posted in the paper. “If some ants are concerned with the dawn, that is their problem, but it is the sunrise that must be preserved!”

Bradley read on and on. This other writer seemed to agree with him, that the anthill should not be dug, but his point about dawn upset him terribly.

He quickly dug through his drawer to find a pencil, then wrote his response to this other ant's letter. The next day Bradley paced in his tiny room as he waited for the newspaper to be delivered to his door.
At the same time Bradley was opening his newspaper in anticipation, ten floors below him, Artemus was already reading his Gazette. The little ant jumped up and down fuming with anger. Someone had had the nerve to criticize his letter, and to state that he was a fool for being so concerned about sunrise! This person had said that only a stupid ant would worry about missing the sunrise, when they were on the verge of losing the dawn!

Normally Artemus was a peaceful ant, but this other ant's letter made him so angry he rushed to his desk to write a reply to the insulting comments of this other ant! The next day was Sunday, the only day the AntHill Gazette wasn't published, so little Artemus had to wait a whole extra day to see his letter in the paper.

That afternoon he met with a friend and asked if she had seen the rude reply someone had written to his letter in the paper.

“I think it was written by that snobby ant, Bradley who lives on the twentieth floor,” sighed Margie.