The Foolish Ants Written & Illustrated by Dennis Anfuso



The Foolish Ants


“What's his problem?” asked Artemus.

“I hear he is one of those ants who don't appreciate the sun,” Margie explained as she nibbled on her lunch.

“Anyone who doesn't care about sunrise, but worries about the dawn is a foolish ant, and someone has to tell him so!” Artemus stated plainly.
The next day when Bradley read Artemus' very rude reply to his letter, he was furious! He asked around and found out where this other ant lived, and stormed down the tunnel to the tenth floor! When Artemus answered the door, Bradley punched him in the nose, or rather, he puched him where his nose would have been if he hadn't been an ant. Before Artemus knew what was happening, Bradley had stormed back up the tunnel and was busy tearing his newspaper into shreds.

Artemus was very shaken up by the physical attack, and decided immediately to move to a new anthill where he could feel safe. Before he left however he wrote the nastiest letter he could think of and mailed it to the AntHill Gazette.

When Bradley read the letter he became very frightened. He realized he should not have acted to rashly, and now he was afraid that Artemus would come and punch him in the nose, or where his nose would be if he was not an ant.

He did not know that Artemus had moved to a new anthill, and without a word to anyone, Bradley packed his things and moved away too.
The new anthill was in an alley between two tall buildings and where he now lived he couldn't see the sun at all. Artemus' new home was under a large oak tree, and the roots covered his windows completely.
Bradley never again saw the dawn through his window as he ate his breakfast. Artemus never enjoyed the warm feeling of the sunrise coming through his window as he sat at his table to eat.

Believe it or not, neither of the foolish ants ever learned that dawn and sunrise were two names for the same thing!

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